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I’m all about that matte finish and Bourjois is my favourite drugstore brand for foundations so their Air Mat foundation was a perfect combination….


When I saw Bourjois was coming out with a new foundation I had to get my hands on it. I love the L’Oreal True Match foundation but my holy grail will always be the Bourjois Healthy Mix, so when I saw they were coming out with a matte foundation I had to try it.

What does the packaging say? 

As light as air, the formula glides onto the skin for perfect coverage & a flawless complexion. Enriched with mattifying micronized powders, it eliminates shine with no mask effect.


Application: 5/5: I apply this foundation with a damp Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. I find this is the best way to apply this foundation as it has quite a thick consistency and I feel with a damp sponge it creates a more natural look and doesn’t allow the product to be cakey.

Coverage: 5/5: I feel like this foundation gives medium coverage. In the picture below I’ve applied the foundation on the left side of my face only. As you can see my skin looks a lot more flawless on the left hand side but my dark circles are still not completely gone and some of my imperfections are still showing. However I do believe this foundation can be built upon for a higher coverage but just remember with this foundation Bourjois wanted it to feel “light as air” so I don’t think it will ever be a super high coverage foundation.


The next picture shows the foundation applied over my entire face. As you can see this foundation is defiantly matte, which I love, as this picture was taken before I applied any powder. And as you can see the foundation has evened out my skin without looking like foundation, it really does feel like “second skin”. It’s also not at all tacky to the touch and really sinks into the skin.


(I’m in the shade 02: Vanilla)

Colour Match: 4/5: I’ve always found that Bourjois matches my skin colour really well even though they don’t have a big range of colours (5 colours) so colouring matching with this foundation wasn’t too hard  for me as I just picked up the same colour I have in the Bourjois Healthy Mix. However, with only 5 shades in their range some people may find it hard to get their exact shade.

Blendability: 4/5: It blends really nicely into the skin when I use my RT sponge (damp). However I haven’t actually applied it with a brush so I don’t know how that would be but I prefer applying any foundation with a damp sponge as it creates a much more natural look.


Lasting Power: 4/5: This foundation definitely lasts all day. It’s lasted an entire day at work for me (9-4pm but I apply it at 7 o clock in the morning) with one touch up of powder during the day because I was going somewhere after work but I don’t usually have to touch it up. However I don’t think it has 24hr hold which it does say it has.

Price: 4/5: £10.00 for 30ml…a little pricey but it wouldn’t stop me from repurchasing because it’s the same price as the Healthy Mix.



Overall: I’m really liking this foundation. It’s exactly how I imagined it would be. It stays matte on my face all day. It’s a great natural looking, everyday foundation for work. It has the added extra bonus of having SPF10 in it which makes it great for a lightweight spring/summer foundation. The only downside I have is it’s only 30ml for £10.00 and I feel like it will run out fairly quickly seeing as I’ve been using it everyday.

I would definitely recommend you try this foundation if you’re a lover of matte finishes like I am.


Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Have you tried this foundation? What are you thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

xoxo, rachel

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7 Responses to REVIEW: Bourjois Air Mat Foundation | Mysterious Beauties

  1. Aleks says:

    Nice looking foundation! will have to try!

    I love your t-shirt btw, where did you get it from ? 🙂


  2. Also my favorite drugstore brand! ❤ I have the finishing powder, I'm in love.

  3. sarahkayfretwell says:

    I may try this ! The last Bourjois I tried it made my skin look yellow but no other was close to my skin tone.

  4. Leah Brown says:

    Hey! I have moved my blog to its called beauttype now, rather than leahsbeautytype. The link is I’ve still working on it but I’m writing some new posts now that should be up soon! Would really appreciate it if you could check it out and email subscribe 🙂
    Leah! xxxx

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