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I’d be lost without my bullet journal…


You all seemed to enjoy my last couple of posts about my bullet journal so I thought it would be fun for you to see how I’ve set it up for April and what I’ve kept and changed.

Each month is always a different colour, February was pink because of Valentines Day and it seemed appropriate, March was green and April is purple. I love jazzing my bullet journal up with colour and this is just one of the ways I do that.

Want to see what pens I use in my bullet journal? Click here.  


I’ve kept my monthly view the same for April as I find this layout works best for me. At one glance I can see what I have going on, with the help of my colour coding (social: purple, hospital related things: pink, work: blue, tom: turquoise), and I can also see what tasks I want to complete during the month. The tasks on this page don’t have a specific day or week they need to be done, I just want to have them completed by the end of the month.

I’ve never looked at this monthly spread so much. Now I have a full time job (Monday-Friday, 9-4), I’m finding it hard to juggle work and my social life especially because all my friends are currently back home from uni and are returning soon, I’m trying to see them all before they head back. So this double page spread has come in really handy.

Turning over to the next page…


On these two pages I keep my monthly trackers. I have a tracker (on the left) for all my personal “goals” such as exercise, reading, in bed by 10.30pm, awake by 9am etc. At the end of each day I colour in the habits I completed that day. I find this chart really useful especially for things such as “clean brushes” because I can see how often I’m cleaning my makeup brushes (I try to do it twice a month).

On the right hand is my blog tracker (I didn’t have room to write “tracker” so it’s “track”). Here I plan what blog posts are going up when and on what blog. I find this super helpful to have a quick glance as it helps me write my daily to-do lists to see what blog related stuff I need to get done each day like taking what pictures and writing the posts.


If you saw my “How I Keep My Life Organised” post, you may have noticed I got rid of my “Keep In Contact” page. The page where I had a chart of all my closest friends and I could see how often I was seeing everyone. I found this was no longer helping me so I got rid of it. That’s what’s so good about bullet jounralling… if you try something one month and find you don’t like it you can get rid of it the next month.

So turning onto the next page…

After I’ve set up the three pages I have at the beginning of every month…my monthly spread, my monthly tracker and my monthly blog tracker, it’s time to start my daily to-dos.

This month I’ve tried to mix up my headers for each day as I was getting bored of doing a flag style every day. I’m loving how it’s turning out so far (if you would like another flick through at the end of the month to see all my different header designs…please let me know), it’s allowing me to be more creative which I love.


On the right hand side is my work “tracker”. My work asked me to keep a track of the days I worked and when I finished each day as it does tend to change sometimes if I’m in the middle of a project, I’ll work until I’ve finished it which means I will finish at 4:30pm rather than 4pm some days.

If you were wondering I’m working as a Intern Graphic Designer and loving every minute of it. 

I’m not a massive fan of my work tracker layout and I’m planning on figuring out a new one for May but it will do for this month. I have the dates of the month down the left hand side and I just write the times I worked next to it. The lines show the weekends.


So as you can see I keep my bullet journal fairly simple with hints of colour here and there. Obviously April is based around the colour purple which I’m really liking.

I hoped you enjoyed today’s post. If you did and want to see more on my bullet journal please let me know by giving this post a like. I find my bullet journal so helpful to keep track of everything and I’m so much more organised with it. If you’re struggling to find a planner perfect for you, I would highly recommend trying out the bullet journal.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

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  1. Ugh, woman I feel like we’d be BFFs in real life. Bujo – check, graphic design – check, makeup – check. I love your headers 😀 I’m trying to commit to adding my blog post plan down into my bujo myself but with some of the posts being unboxings it makes it a little harder not knowing when they’ll come! 😦

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