A Dupe For Mac’s Velvet Teddy | Beauty Haul | Mysterious Beauties


Every time I enter Boots or Superdrug I can’t come out empty handed…


I was meeting my friend to see Dirty Grampa…which is hilarious by the way, highly suggest it, and of course when I was walking past Boots I couldn’t not have a peek around. I actually tweeted saying…


I owed my friend a tenner for a skirt she got me and I only had a £20 note so I thought I’d go into Boots, get the things I actually needed, a new mascara and concealer, so I could give her the cash. Um…..my plan kind of failed. I came out with a few more things than I actually needed but you can never regret buying makeup so let’s get into the haul…


Obviously the first thing I picked up was my holy grail mascara, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational. I think this is now my 4th tube of it and I don’t think my love for this mascara is going anywhere anytime soon.

And of course, while I was at the Maybelline section, I thought I might as well pick up their new mascara, The Falsies Push Up Drama…because why not? I tried this mascara yesterday and I’m unsure about it. At the moment I still prefer Lash Sensational but I’ll be doing a review once I’ve used it more.


Now that’s two Maybelline products in my basket and they had a 3 for 2 offer going on so you can’t not pick up something else, right? Right!

I’ve been eyeing up the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creme De Nude (93) because I’ve heard it’s a complete dupe for Mac’s Painterly Paint Pot and I tried it for the first time yesterday and so far I agree with the rumours. If you want a review/swatches for this product, please let me know. 


Now to actually pick up the other product I actually needed, Collections Lasting Perfection concealer, another holy grail product of mine (if you would like a post about my holy grail products, let me know).


And of course now with four items in my basket what harm does it do to add another product, especially when all of Collections products were on sale for £4 or less….bargain.

I haven’t really ever been into lip products that much but I want to start so I decided to pick up Collections Lasting Colour Lipstick in Rose Wood (21). I showed my friend and she said…

“OMG! That’s a complete dupe for Mac’s Velvet Teddy” 

So she got her Velvet Teddy out of her make-up bag and we compared…they are literally the same colour and the Collection one was only £4. I will definitely be doing a review on it soon.


I finally figured that I shouldn’t spend anymore money so off I went to the till expecting to be able to give my friend the £10 note that I got in change. I ended up spending £25.00 and using all my cash. Opsie!


That’s it for today’s post. Have you tried any of these products, what do you think of them? Or are any of them on your wish list or have I made you add something to your never ending wish list?

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates on my blog and my life…if you’re nosy like that.

Until Next Time…

xoxo, rachel

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8 Responses to A Dupe For Mac’s Velvet Teddy | Beauty Haul | Mysterious Beauties

  1. everydayhann says:

    gonna have to pick up that paint pot dupe and the lash sensational mascara, heard so many great reviews and this pushed me over the edge haha!
    lovely post x

    • I always find reading other peoples blog adds to my ever growing makeup wish list. I would highly recommend both products though and they definitely don’t break the bank 🙂 thanks for the comment ❤

  2. Ashleigh says:

    Might have to try out that lipstick. I’m always too lazy to reapply through the day though, so I’d love to see a review from you mentioning how long lasting it is! I agree with you saying the Lash Sensational is a holy grail product ❤

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