REVIEW: Zoella Lets Spritz Body Mist


Sometimes cute packaging can make you buy the product but is it really worth your money? 


You can’t deny that fact that all of Zoella’s Beauty packaging is gorgeous and girly …including this body mist. This product is the perfect addition to your dressing table if you want to make it worthy of Instagram, but is the product any good?

Bearing in mind it’s only labelled as a “body mist” and it doesn’t exactly break the bank at £8.00 for 45ml, I think it’s a really nice product if you’re looking for something for everyday use which is lighter than a perfume.



Just look at the packaging, it’s so adorable…pink, lace, teal and poka dots, what more do you need in life?


“Spray this fresh and fruity spritz to fragrance your body with delicate notes of Raspberry and Cassis for a burst of berry bliss.”


I do love the scent of this body mist but when I wear it I find myself topping up the fragrance quite a bit through-out the day. It doesn’t have as much staying power as I would of hoped but with the size of the bottle, it isn’t a problem to throw this in my bag for top ups through-out the day if needs be.


I’ve owned Lets Spritz Body Mist for just over two weeks and I’m already quite far down in the bottle (not noticeable in the pictures as the bottle is lying down) seeing as I’ve not had it on my dressing table for too long. This is either because I love the scent so much I’m constantly spraying it or because you need so much for the scent to be strong enough to last all day I’m not sure, but I’m hoping its the first one as I really don’t want to have to say negative things about this product.



Packaging: cute and girly, sits on my dressing table perfectly, there’s nothing more I could want. 5/5

Scent: fruity, girly and not too over powering. 5/5

Lasting Power: the only let down to this product. 3/5

Price: I can’t complain, it’s affordable. 5/5


Overall, I don’t regret buying this product but I’m unsure whether I will repurchase it. This is the first Zoella Beauty item I have purchased so I do want to buy more from her line and see how they compare to the Lets Spritz Body Mist.

Have you tried Zoella’s Body Mists? What do you think of them? I would love to know.

Until next time…

xoxo, rachel

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12 Responses to REVIEW: Zoella Lets Spritz Body Mist

  1. shawnadawnx says:

    absolutely love zoella

  2. happyalexx says:

    I love the blistful mistful body mist and I’d love to buy this one too, great review 🙂

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