No. Makeup. Is. Better.

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Someone recently told me that “no makeup is so much better” and you will probably think these words came out of a boyfriends mouth or your parents but no. These words were spoken to me by a guy, who wasn’t my boyfriend, or my dad, or even my uncle for that matter…just a regular guy.

And I remember replying straight away with….”aw thanks. No guy has ever said that to me before”.

We were talking one day on Snapchat and I wasn’t using Snapchat the way it was designed for…sending selfies because I had no make-up on. I told this guy that and his reply was….“no makeup is so much better” .Β And since that day a few weeks ago, I finally truly believe this quote….


You don’t need layers of makeup to feel beautiful, just put a smile on and your true beauty will shine through.


Just a quick blog post today as guess what?! my camera’s broken and has been taken into repair. I’m hoping that this won’t stop me uploading but my picture quality won’t be as good unfortunately. The earliest my camera will be repaired is the 22nd of January…so annoyed.

I hope you enjoyed this short and hopefully inspiring post today. I feel some times the short blog posts are the best ones. Let me know what you think and if I should do more like this.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. I’m still planning on revealing myself when I hit 500 followers (WordPress and Email followers).

Until Next Time…




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8 Responses to No. Makeup. Is. Better.

  1. beautymarq says:

    If you haven’t been already, I nominated you for the beauty blogger award! Check out my blog for more info πŸ™‚

  2. I loved this post!☺️ very good advice

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