Xmas Q&A


Today I’m back with another bonus Christmas post for you all. I saw this done over on beautymarq’s blog, who also created it along with Brittany from Briale Morand and it looked really fun so asked if I could partake and of course the lovely ladies said yes.

Let’s get into the questions: 


1) Santa is making his list and checking it twice. Which have you been, naughty or nice? Doesn’t everyone say nice to this question because if you admit to being naughty Santa won’t leave you any presents and instead you will receive a bag of coal. I, however have had a very tough year this year with my health issues and family matters and I have stayed positive through-out so I think I deserve to be on the nice list…if I do say so myself. 

P.S. I can’t wait for the clock to strike midnight on the 31st of December so I can start a fresh year and leave 2015 behind.

2) What are you looking forward to most during the holidays this year? I think I’m most looking forward to spending time with my family as we have all had a tough year, like I’ve mentioned, so it will be nice not to have to focus on the negative and just…eat and be merry! But you can’t forget all the great Christmas TV…all those Christmas films played 24hrs a day and the Christmas specials, not going to lie…extremely excited for EastEnders Christmas special this year.

3) Cookies and milk are Santa’s favorites. What’s your guilty treat to eat? When I was younger I had such a sweet tooth but as I’ve grown up so has my sweet tooth. I much prefer savory treats over the sweet nowadays. But at Christmastime you can’t help but eat a whole box of Roses in one sitting while cuddled up on the sofa with your blanket and a mug of hot chocolate. In my family after the Christmas pudding we always have teas/coffees and break open some sort of “after-dinner” mints and I have to admit I tend to eat an awful lot of After Eights.

4) Come Christmas morning, are we more likely to catch you rockin’ an ugly Christmas sweater or a Christmas onesie? Is that even a question? Onesie all the way!! I own about 5 onesies and my first ever onesie purchase was a reindeer one from Primark and since then it’s become a little tradition for my mum to put a new onesie in my stocking every year.

5) During the fall and winter seasons, what trend will you lean towards more: a smokey eye or bold lip? Definitely a smokey eye. I’m not so much of a lip stick wearer. I can never be bothered to keep topping it up after I eat or drink and the festive season is all about eating and drinking so I wouldn’t be able to cope with the amount of touch ups I would have to do.

6)“Ho, ho, the mistletoe, hung where you can see. Somebody waits for you, kiss her him once for me.” What kissable-proof lipstick will you be wearing? Let me start off my saying…this is such a cute question but like I’ve mentioned above I’m not a lipstick wearer so I wouldn’t have this issue. But I would make sure my lips were well moisturized with my no.1 lip balm…Nivea’s Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia (mentioned in my “top 5 products I can’t live without”). 

7) Bah humbug! The sight of what fashion faux pas would surely turn you into an Ebinezer Scrooge? This has to be the “leggings worn as jeans”. I was always taught by my mum that when you were only wearing leggings on your bottom half you always looked half dressed. So therefore I never wore just leggings and I see it worn by others and understand were my mum is coming from. (P.S. If you wear leggings as jeans please don’t offensive to this answer)

8) What holiday fashion trend are you always stocked to sport? Christmas jumpers of course. I own four different ones and always interchange them through-out the month of December and sometimes even in November. I think October is pushing it a bit.

9) Fuzzy socks for your feet and gloves for your hands- But what’s on your head? maybe a hat? Or maybe a headband? It’s always a beanie! I love them so much. I know they are more of a fashion icon in the girls wardrobe than the mens and they don’t really keep your head warm but they are just so darn cute!! However, I’ve been eyeing up some earmuffs and would love to see them under the tree this year. Earmuffs would bring the ultimate cuteness to each outfit for me.

10) While opening presents, all eyes are on you, so make sure your nails are done and cute. What color will you choose? Another adorable question. I really want to find/purchase my ultimate red nail colour for the festive season but it hasn’t happened yet. I am loving “Eternal Optimist” by Essie though. It’s a perfect pinky nude for me. It’s mentioned in my monthly favourites if you want to check it out.

11) Let’s spice up the gift- giving! Something green for your bestie, something red for a frienemy, and something white for yourself. Go! Tricky one. For my best friend I would go for the Clinique Great To Skin Everywhere kitif I had the money. She is just as in to make-up and beauty as I am so it’s perfect for a Christmas present for her as it comes with multiple different skincare products for her to try as well as the gorgeous packaging so there’s no need for you to wrap it up…bonus! For my frienemey I would have to go with one of my favourite books…The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. No one I know that well reads as much as me so getting my frienemy to read my favourite book would be punishment for them…is that too cruel? As for a gift for myself, maybe a cute white beanie or scarf or a gorgeous Erin Condren life planner.

12) If Santa guaranteed you one thing on your Wish List this year, which would you choose? It would probably have to be a Mac desktop computer. My dream job is to be a graphic designer and Mac’s are great for creative work/industries. The Graphic Design course I’m starting in September use Macs, as well as the company I did work experience for, which I hope to go back to. So I would love one so my work is easily transferred between computers at college and home. I’m already saving for a MacBook Pro but I would love to have both. One for travel and one for home.


That’s it for today’s bonus Christmas post. I’m heading out later to get a Christmas tree and this weekend I’m heading for a Christmas market. So if I get any blog-worthy pictures, I will be sure to share them with you all.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. If you take a fancy to the questions and decide to answer them, be sure to leave me a link to them in the comments.

Until Next Time…


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6 Responses to Xmas Q&A

  1. beautymarq says:

    Thanks so much for doing the tag, I enjoyed reading your answers! I’m sorry you had a rough year, but hopefully it only gets better from here! Good luck in the Christmas tree hunt!


  2. I really enjoyed reading your answers! So glad you liked them enough to do so. I LOL’d at your frienemy gift! I would have never thought to oblige someone into reading a book. It’s genius! I’m sorry 2015 has been a toughy, but your positive attitude has seemed to pull you through. Keep on keeping on! Xo, BRIT

  3. Keitii says:

    *shock* Leggings are life!! 😱 But I agree with you on the beanies 😉

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