Monthly Favourites: November


I’m currently listening to Christmas songs whilst writing this post which only means one thing…it’s my November favourites post and Santa is just around the corner. 


Beauty Favourites: 

I keep mentioning this but because the colder months are here my hair has been really dry and both of the products I’ve been using to combat this have been working wonders and my hair is now really moisturized and super soft.

The two products I’ve been using are:

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Intensive Mask for Dry/Damaged Hair…click here to see haul it was featured in.


Red Raspberry scented. This product is super affordable and for how well it works, I’ll definitely be repurchasing it.

and Lush’s Hair Conditioner in American Cream…click here to see the haul it was featured in.


Want your hair feeling soft and smelling super sweet like strawberry vanilla milkshake? Then this is the product for you. 250g – £9.25

I use the Herbal Essences intensive hair mask once a week and the rest of the time I apply Lush’s American Cream conditioner. I love both of these products, they leave my hair feeling super soft and smelling amazing. I can definitely see a difference in my hair with my split ends after having used the Herbal Essences product for the past week so I can’t wait to see the long term improvements.

The next product is a rediscovery of mine. I used to love this mascara earlier this year and when my Dior mascara ran out I decided to repurchase the Maybelline Lash Sensational (click here to see review) and realised why I used to loved it so much.


It’s super volumizing and lengthening at the same time with great staying power through-out the day. My review goes into more depth about why I love this mascara but I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a new mascara to try or are looking for a dupe for Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.

I have major phases of painting my nails and I’m currently in a phase where I love to paint my nails. A little hypocritical as I’m not wearing nail polish at the moment, as you can see in the pictures but I’m just letting my nails breath for a bit so they don’t become really weak from never seeing sunlight.

However, I’ve been loving two different nail polishes this month as they are great transition colours from summer to autumn. The first one is “Pit Stop” from Barry M’s Speedy Quick Dry range. I love this range and have reviewed two other colours from this range, click here.


Pit Stop is a lovely grey colour with a slight purple tint to it. It very neutral which I love as I like having my outfit and nail polish colour to coordinate nicely. I can’t be wearing a deep red shirt and have bright pink nails…nah!

The second colour I’ve been loving this month is another rediscovery but I’ve never mentioned on my blog before and that is Essie’s Eternal Optimist. I used to love…and love is an understatement as over half the bottle is empty…I shook it up well for the picture, this colour as it’s a perfect neutral baby pink colour.


I bought this Essie nail polish like 4 years ago and after rediscovering it only very recently, I actually checked if they still sold this colour as I want to repurchase it…thank go this still produce this colour and it’s still available in the shops.

The last two beauty products I have to share with you are the very new but soon became favourites. They are two MUA eye shadows in Chestnut and Bronze. Although the names are boring, the product is not.


Chestnut – £1


Bronze – £1

Both of these eye shadows are great quality for the price you pay…only £1 each, you can’t go wrong. The pigmentation is really good and both of these eye shadows now feature in my daily make-up routine as I love the combination of them together.

Chestnut is applied into my crease and blended out into my outer V while I apply Bronze all over my lid. These two eye shadows together give the perfect “autumn time” look while the shimmer in Bronze gives a perfect festive look as well. I will probably wear this make-up on Christmas day because I’m currently loving it so much.

Random Favourites: 

IMG_1071 edit.jpg

I’ve been loving the new Costa Christmas range of drinks this year. My new go-to drink now is their Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate and of course it has to be in their Penguin Christmas Cup. I actually bought the ceramic version of their Penguin cup because I think it’s too cute not to have in my cupboard at home.

My reading has been brilliant this month. I’ve read a total of six books and if you want to know what they all were, be sure to follow my book blog here as a monthly wrap up post will be up soon. However, my favourite read this month has to be “The Bone Season” by Samantha Shannon…review here.

Television Favourites? Well, I’m a TV junkie so I have a few but I’ve been loving “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” and a recent discovery of mine has been “Once Upon A Time” on Netflix. It’s so good and I’m only 4 episodes in.

Music Favourites? Check out my “Music of the Month” post.


That’s it for today’s post. Thank you for reading and what are your November favourites? I would love to know, either link your blog post below or tell me in the comments.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

Until next time…


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16 Responses to Monthly Favourites: November

  1. Ashleigh says:

    I loved reading through this! Even though I’m a book blogger and watch booktubers etc I have a very girly side, so I watch a bunch of beauty youtubers too & videos/posts like this…I just love them! I really need to try that mascara. And the eye shadows. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of biting NY nails and I’m trying so hard to get out of it at the moment so they can look nice! The Bone Season is one of my favourite book series ❤ (sorry for the ramble haha!)

  2. Nova says:

    Aaahh American Dream, I keep hearing about it. I need a new Lush conditioner since the bars aren’t doing it for me, I’ll give this one a try!
    I also just got into Once Upon a Time not too long ago, I’m on the second season now and it’s so good!!

  3. omg love this!!! great ideas for my next shopping outing! ❤

  4. tazziedee says:

    I love your photos! Great post x

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  6. I LOVE Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara! Use it everyday! 😉

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