How I Stick To A Blogging Schedule: My Tips and Tricks

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If you may or may not know but I have a blogging schedule which I stick to quite well. I think it’s a great idea to come up with a schedule for your blog so your readers know when to come back again. So today I’m going to share some tips and tricks with you on how I stick to my blogging schedule which will hopefully help you create and stick to one also…enjoy!



Firstly, let me tell you my blogging schedule so you get idea of how mine works. Mine may be a little more full on compared to what yours may be like as I have two blogs to keep track of…my beauty one and my book one.

Monday: my book blog – The Mystery Reader

Tuesday: my beauty blog – Mysterious Beauties

Wednesday: my book blog – The Mystery Reader

Thursday: my beauty blog – Mysterious Beauties

Sunday: both blogs


On Friday and Saturday I take the time to think of new blog ideas or if I have ideas already thought of, I plan what days each post will be published. For example, if I have recently bought some books I would want to publish a Book Haul post as soon a possible so the haul is recent for my readers and therefore they are still able to get the books I’m talking about easily.

I think it’s really important not to post on your blog everyday. I think you need time to plan for the following week. If you set aside some days specifically for planning this gives you time to plan what you will write and take good pictures to go in your blog post. For example, I planned this blog post before I wrote it so I knew what key points I wanted to include and also took pictures in advance of me planning this week’s blog posts.

Remember: Quality over Quantity

When it comes to creating a blogging schedule I think it’s important you create one that suits your lifestyle and how busy you are so you know you will be able to stick with it. Before my break of blogging due to health reasons (click here to see my post about it all) I always had a blog post up when I said to my readers there would be one. That way they know when to expect something from you. I think this is key in creating more traffic to your blog. If all you want to do is post once a week, that’s fine…just keep it consistent.

I post three times a week on both blogs because I know I have the time to do that right now but I’m sure once I start my college course in September 2016 I will change my blogging schedule to suit my life and the busyness of it at the time.


I keep a notebook just for everything to do with my blogs. I write my blog posts for the week in there, blog ideas, my to-do lists for each day relating to my blog and even sometimes I hand write my blog posts in there before typing them up on the computer. I think it’s important to keep a notebook just for you blog because that way everything is in one place.


 However, not everyone likes writing stuff down, some of you may prefer to type everything, which is fine. Just make sure you create a folder on your computer or laptop dedicated to your blog. That way you can keep all your photo files and word documents in one place which are then easier to find. Personally, I prefer to have everything hand written. And even though I write a lot in my notebook, I still have a file on my computer called “blog” where all my picture files go.

IMG_1056 IMG_1067

(As you can see from the pictures above I colour code my notes so at a quick glance I know what blog the notes are relating to…pink- my beauty blog and blue- my book blog)

I think it’s a must to keep a section in your notebook or a word document on your computer especially for blog ideas. That way whenever you have inspiration or an idea for a blog post you can jot it down quickly. I don’t carry my notebook around when I go out though so I also keep a notepad file on my phone so I have a place to write down blog ideas when I’m out and about because ideas and inspiration can come to you at any time.


IMG_1050 IMG_1051

I love to keep track of my posts, mainly because I love ticking things off lists…it keeps me motivated, but also because it allows you to easily see your progress of each post. As you can see above I create a table for each week where I keep track of when I’ve taken the pictures for the blog post, when I’ve written it, edited it and posted it, as well as the number of likes I receive on that post. The last column, the likes, is a recent addition. I don’t care about the numbers but it’s nice to know if that certain blog post was well received by my readers and it helps me see whether I should create more content like that or if it wasn’t worth my time and effort. For example, my Lush related posts receive the most likes so I know my readers enjoy those sorts of posts so then I can create more content like that.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned a time I publish my blog posts. That’s because I don’t like to set a time in case I’m busy in the day and I don’t get home in time to post it. Yes I do know about the scheduling option but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. If I set a time when that time comes around the post doesn’t publish so I prefer just publishing it manually. However my blog posts always go up in the evening, usually between 5pm-8pm (UK time), that way if I need to edit or change it a bit I have the day time to make improvements.


I hope that has helped some of you in some way and if you have any other tips and tricks I would love to hear them, so leave them in the comments below. Please give this a like so I know whether to do more blog posts like it. I was thinking of writing a blog post about how I come up with ideas, how I write my blog post and how to take good blog pictures, so let me know if you would like any of those posts.

Thanks for reading and supporting…it means a lot! I can’t believe I’m nearing 300 followers…so exciting, thank you!

Until Next Time…


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12 Responses to How I Stick To A Blogging Schedule: My Tips and Tricks

  1. very handy post! I find it hard with college at the moment to keep up to date with mine , but I’ve been able to post every day for the past 3/4 days which is making me fall back in love with blogging! great post would love it if you checked out my latest xx

    • Thank you! I know it must be hard to juggle everything – I’m currently on a gap year so I find it quite easy to put up blog posts but I know it won’t last when I start my college course! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. I have only one blog, but also have a schedule for it. The hard part for me is finding the best time to post content.

  3. demonsonaleash says:

    Some great advice in here. I stick to a loose schedule which is improving over time mainly because I started scheduling posts on Sunday so that they go live during the week. Really enjoyed this post, great food for thought. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! It took me a while to get into a blogging schedule but now I have one I can’t believe I waited so long to make one aha!

      • demonsonaleash says:

        I can relate to that on so many levels. I literally faffed for the first six months. I was such an unreliable poster. With the schedule I have gotten a much better audience because they know I’m around rather than just randomnly appearing! It makes such a difference.

      • It really does! I think if you post consistently your stats seem to go up a lot more, I don’t know what it is though aha!

      • demonsonaleash says:

        That’s exactly it. I think get use to you post between set times so they come looking for posts maybe? I know I am a fan of a few blogs that I know are going to post on a certain day. I look forward to reading them, of that makes sense?!

      • Yeah that makes sense 😛

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