Where Have I Been?

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Well what do you know? It’s another “where have I been?” post. I absolutely hate writing these as I always feel like I’m letting my readers down for not posting in ages then coming back with a stupid excuse which they probably don’t even care about but this one is different.


I’ve never revealed myself fully on this blog as that scares me. People knowing everything about you without really knowing you, so I’ve kept my private life private and only shared with you my thoughts on lifestyle beauty and fashion…which you all seem to enjoy otherwise I wouldn’t have the following I have. But today’s the day I share a lot more with my readers as I want to be truly honest to you about where I’ve been and what my story is.

This is hard for me to type as once I press publish it will stay on the internet forever, but I feel like I owe you all a reason to why I’ve been so absent on not only my beauty blog but my book blog as well.

All my life I’ve been living with a chronic illness and this year was the year it got really serious and they told me I would be needing a transplant. I’ve been living with CKD, Chronic Kidney Disease, which is basically kidney failure, since I can remember. It’s fairly rare in kids and  young adults as kidney failure only really happens when you get older and your kidneys naturally fail, but for me my kidneys have never been working properly.This illness leaves you constantly tired which left me always in bed meaning I had no energy for anything …including my blog. I feel terrible for “abandoning” my blog but if I posted it would have been because I felt like I had to and not because I wanted to.

On the 8th of October this year, I had a kidney transplant. My dad was my donor and I’m truly grateful for everything he’s done for me. A kidney transplant operation is a major surgery for both the donor and the recipient so I’m incredibly grateful for him going through this for me so I could have a better life.

Anyone can donate a kidney has we all have two kidneys and we can all live with one.

However, a transplant isn’t a cure for my illness, it’s a treatment, so I will always be living with CKD and the likelihood is that I will need another transplant in my lifetime is high but for now I feel great and can’t believe I’ve got a new kidney and new chance in life. I describe it like this…

I’ve been given the gift of time. I used to wake up at midday and then want to go straight back to sleep…which I did. Now I can wake up 8am and be awake for the rest of the day leaving much more time in my day to hang out with friends and family…and of course work on my blog.

Before writing this blog post I knew that there was a chance people would think I’m only telling you to get sympathy but I want to stress the fact that this blog post is not that. I want to be honest with my readers and share my story to help others in similar situations because I had no one the same age of me to talk to. I was the youngest person on the ward and although I had great support from my family, boyfriend and friends, no one knew exactly what I was feeling and going through and it would have been great to talk to someone my age who was going through the same thing as me.

Although having a kidney transplant is great and I feel privileged to have had one, as the waiting list for a deceased kidney is 3 years, it also has its negatives. For example I’m taking around 30 tablets a day and half of them are to lessen my immune system so my body doesn’t reject my new kidney. With all kidney transplants there is a chance of rejection because your new kidney is foreign tissue so your body thinks it needs to be destroyed. So to reduce the risk of this all patients are put on lots of immunospressants. This also means I can’t mix with lots of people so most of my days are spent at home, which has gotten a little boring after 3 weeks and having 9 more weeks to go doing the same thing everyday I started thinking about my blog and what a great time this is to restart it again.

So that’s me and my story. I hope this has helped at least one of you out there and even if it hasn’t I hope it’s helped my readers get a better understanding on the person behind this blog.

Thank you all for reading and if you do have any questions for me please leave them below, I’m happy to answer any. If you are going through a similar situation and want a chat please don’t be afraid to email me, you can find my email on my “contact me” page.


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