Summer Lookbook 2015

In the UK we have finally started to get some summer weather with it hitting 36 degrees only a couple days ago. So today I thought I’d show you some of my go to outfits this summer…


Outfit 1) This outfit, although involving trousers is still very airy and lightweight and perfect for those cooler summer days. I usually only wear crop tops with high waisted items so wearing these trousers is a little out of my comfort zone but I like how the overall outfit looks.

outfit 1

Outfit 2) This outfit is defiantly one of my favourites. The colours are very bright and summery and I feel skater skirts just scream my style.

outfit 2

Outfit 3) This outfit is perfect for a beach cover up or a summer BBQ. I wore this outfit for my 18th birthday party with my friends. It was very comfortable and was a perfect mix between smart and casual.

outfit 4

Outfit 4) This outfit is a little less vibrant for those days where you don’t feel like going all out on the colour but still looks summery because of the colours in the skirt.

outfit 3

Just realised how much of this lookbook consists of H&M…ahah…I guess I’m really liking their summer collection at the moment. All the items I have shown you today are recent purchases so you should still be able to get them in stores apart from the New Look trousers in the first outfit which I brought last summer.

P.S. If you couldn’t tell my favourite clothing items for summer 2015 are definitely the yellow crop top and blue floral skirt because they work so well together in an outfit but also look amazing on their own.


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5 Responses to Summer Lookbook 2015

  1. very cute summer outfits! I’d wear every single one haha!
    if you get a chance, come check out my fashion, fitness and lifestyle blog ^.^

  2. Lovely pieces! Look awesome, chic and girly!
    Do pay a visit and leave me a comment! Thanks! xo

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