My 18th Birthday Haul

As you may or may not know I turned 18 this past Friday (the 12th) and I thought I’d share what I got with you all as all my presents were beauty or blog related…

Before we start I want to put a disclaimer out there…in no way am I bragging or showing off. I just want to share what I got with you all because I’m in love with everything I got and I’m so grateful for everything.Β 


Starting off with my presents from my parents. My main present and I would of been extremely happy with just this one present but I was spoil rotten this year was a Canon 700D.


Canon 700D (also known as the Rebel t5i)

My love for photography came from my auntie who does it for a living and I just love creating memories so to open this I was ecstatic. I did ask for it but to now have it in my hands and to be able to produce more memories and better quality bog posts for you guys makes me so happy. I’m incredibly grateful to my parents for this amazing present. I officially named it (just like my car)….I would all like you to meet Colin.

My parents didn’t need to get me anything else but they also got me some Lush stuff and a new pair of needed slippers.



Yes that is Christmas edition Lush stuff you see. My sister very kindly got me a nice new hand bag. I had been mentioning I needed a bigger one as my current one was too small to fit books in and an umbrella…it was either or and I usually picked a book and got wet when it rained, now I can have both. (the bag is from Mango if any of you were wondering)

(and if anyone knows what the pink star does from Lush please help me out because I tried to use it in my bath today and it didn’t seem to do anything)


On the Saturday I saw one of my closest friends to celebrate my 18th with a meal and my first time at a pub. I had a really good night and I did not deserve anything her and my two other closest friends got me.


This is all of it excluding a car air freshener smelling of pineapple, a cute pen and a 18 key ring. I decided to only include the beauty related presents in this post otherwise it would have been miles long.


Mint Julips Lip Scrub from Lush


Fondant (Gelly Shine Formula) from Barry M


Sugar Plum (Gelly Shine Formula) by Barry M


Blueberry (Gelly Shine Formula) by Barry M


Redemption Palette Iconic 1 by Makeup Revolution


Cup from New Look (this cup made me drink 4 litres of water the other day, just because its too cute not to drink from it…hehe)



Sakura Bath Bomb from Lush


Sex Bomb Bath Bomb by Lush


Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

My three best friends spoiled me rotten and I cannot wait to use all of the presents they got me. I got mostly money from my family but I got a couple more Lush things from my Grandparents which I wanted to share with you.


Fun by Lush


Sunnyside Bubble Bar by Lush


I’m so incredibly grateful for everything I got and look forward to a haul with the birthday money I received…whoop whoop. Again, this is not a post to boast about anything, I just wanted to share with you all what I got because everything was very beauty related… so I thought you might be interested.

If you would like to see reviews on any of the products mentioned in this post because comment below. Thanks for reading and supporting.

Until next time…


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8 Responses to My 18th Birthday Haul

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    Love all the lush products!! Love this post. Would be so lovely if you could check out my latest post too xxx

  2. Lush’s lip scrubs are my favorite! I have the Bubble Gum flavor. πŸ™‚

  3. rylie630 says:

    Great post! Looks like you got some great stuff πŸ™‚ (and happy belated birthday!)

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