Gifts Unwrapped: Holiday Edition


Everyone likes it when your loved ones come back from holiday with gifts for you…


My parents recently got back from a short trip away to some place just outside Prague…total name blank. And of course they couldn’t resist bringing back me and my sister some little presents. Last time they went away to India and brought me back a Dior makeup set and I absolutely loved the mascara that came with it so this time they decided to get me the full size. I’m so excited to use it again, I’ve been living without without it for nearly half a year…*open mouth in shock*




I’m not going to go into depth about this mascara so if you would like to see a review please let me know. This mascara in the UK is quite pricey at £24.50 so I may start looking for a dupe and do a comparison. It’s fairly similar to Maybelline’s Lash Sensational however the Dior one is much more lengthening.

My parents also know my recent obsession with Lush so they brought me back some bath products which I’m super excited to try. I’ve opened the hand soap already and it smells divine, perfect for summer with it’s citrus scent.



The last goodie my parents gave me was a glass nail file. These nail files are so much better than the regular ones you can get. They just seem to work so much better…plus they’re prettier. So if you see one in a shop I would highly recommend grabbing it. I already use a different glass nail file so now I have a back up…yay!



I am so grateful for everything my parents brought back for me…it was like an early birthday present (by the way…my birthdays in 6 days…less than a week…whoop!! I’ll be 18 if any of you are wondering.)

Thanks for reading and supporting. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see reviews on any of the products mentioned please let me know…thank you.

Until next time…


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