Little Black Dress Spring Style Challenge

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“We believe the little black dress is a style staple for every season…” (This post was inspired by


Ever since the skater style came in, I’ve been in love with it. I think that style really flatters my body shape and plus… it hides the food baby you get when going out for dinner.  I only wear skater style skirts and dresses, as I feel that they go with everything because of the variety of colours they come in, also making them great for all seasons. I love this black skater dress (available on the DailyLook website) with the lace detailing.

I’m a flats girl, I barely ever wear heels. I just find flat shoes a lot more comfortable, however if I’m going out for the evening I still want a bit of height. These flat shoes are perfect because they have a very thick soul… ticking both my boxes, height as well as comfort.

lbd 1

 We can’t complete a spring look without a pop of colour. This bright pink bag is perfect for all of you out there that tend to lean towards the more neutral colours (black, greys and whites). The bag allows you to incorporate colour into your look whilst you are still feeling comfortable in your toned down colours.

I think the finishing touch to this outfit would be a pop of colour in the jacket, unfortunately I didn’t have space on my style board to place one, but I think a pop of bright yellow with a leather jacket would compliment the bag perfectly. However a classic black leather jacket or denim jacket would keep the look more subtle and classily.


I hope you liked this post and leave a comment below telling me how you would style your little black dress.

Thanks for reading and supporting


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