Beauty Haul

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It’s time for another haul…


I went to my local old town recently to drop in some CV’s hoping I can finally get my first part time job and while I was down there, I thought I’d pop into Tesco’s…and Costa for course, couldn’t not pass one without getting a Peach Ice Tea.


The first thing I picked up was the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I’m unfortunately running out of my favourite Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but what’s worse is that Tesco don’t stock the Collection range. I have used the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer before and I remember liking the formula and coverage but I picked up the wrong shade so I didn’t really use it. This time I picked up shade 15…fingers crossed this one is the right shade.


I’m also running out of my new current favourite mascara….the Benefit’s They’re Real but I’ve heard some amazing things about the new Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara. I’ll be sure to tell you how I like it.

face wash

Aha! Once again I’m running out of my face wash so decided to try this Pro Formula Fresh Skin, Brightening Foaming Face Wash. As you can probably tell I don’t tend to buy makeup and beauty products unless I need them because I’m poor. Problems you have when you don’t have a job. I’m currently using Simply Pure Foaming Cleanser which is Superdrug’s own brand (check out my review of it here) and I like that it’s really gentle on my skin so I’m hoping that the Pro Formula Fresh Skin foaming face wash treats my skin the same.

fleur de force book

And finally I thought I’d treat myself because….I PASSED my driving test, I can now officially drive and people say being able to drive give you so much freedom, but omg! it really does. I’m so happy especially because I passed first time, beating my boyfriend who passed second time round.

I was standing in Tescos for about 10 minutes deciding whether to get Fleur’s beauty book or Tanya’s beauty book. Obviously… I went for Fleur’s because I prefer watching her beauty videos and vlogs on YouTube, not to say that I don’t like Tanya’s, because I love her as well and I will in the near future buy Tanya’s book too. I’ve already read a chapter and so and it’s amazing…good choice.


That’s all for today’s blog post. I hope you enjoyed and once again thank you for reading and supporting. Leave a comment below if you have tried any of these products or have read Fleur’s book.


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6 Responses to Beauty Haul

  1. martinot8 says:

    Cute photos! Check out my blog too!

  2. I can’t live without my maybelline fit me concealer!

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