REVIEW: Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo

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“Shake it, then shake it some more.”


The Clearly Naked collection is a fairly new line to the Herbal Essences company. I have loved many of their other products…and not just because of the amazing smells they radiate, so I thought I’d give their new line a try and seeing as I ran out of my favourite Batiste dry shampoo, I started with their new dry shampoo.


The label insures that the product will “refresh your look, and experience lightweight clean hair”. I would have to agree with this statement but the one thing it doesn’t do compared to the Batiste is give your hair much volume. This doesn’t bother me too much as my hair is already quite full so this isn’t a element I personally look for in a dry shampoo, so I would keep this in mind if you are interested in trying this product. 

I really like the fragrance of this dry shampoo, it has a very fresh smell of citrus and mint, which adds to the experience of the Clearly Naked products as the scent is very crisp and light (not too strong.)

I find this product also very affordable being £2.99 in Boots for 180ml bottle (other places may vary in price) because I tend to use up dry shampoo very quickly. However because this certain dry shampoo isn’t known for giving volume but to give you a refreshed look, I think this dry shampoo will last me longer which adds to the affordably of this product. 

Trying out this product has made me more keen to try out their other products from the same range and I’m soon going to picking up their shampoo and conditioner, which comes in three different ranges, one more moisture, shine and volume. If you would like a review on their shampoo and conditioner from their Clearly Naked line, be sure to give this post a like.


Thank you for reading and supporting. I hope you enjoyed this mini review.


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