What Does Your Hair Say About You?

what does your hair say about you

Does wavy hair say that you’re more relaxed? Does straight show that you’re strict and like to stick to a plan? Are dark haired people the dark horses of the world? And do all blondes really just want to have fun? Or is that every kind of girl? What does your hair say about you? 

This post was inspired by Madison Reed which is a hair colour company. Make sure you check out their hair dye selection.


Let’s think out of the box for a minute…We all have those stereotypes in our heads that blondes have more fun and the red heads of the world are more hot-tempered than others but if you shaved their heads and made them wear a wig, would that change who they are? Does peoples choice in hair colour and style truly represent who they are or what they want to become?

My hair colour: Extremely dark brown (but definitely brown and not black)

Length: Nearly at my waist (when straighten it is)

Style: Naturally wavy but prefer it straight, kind of frizzy at times

I love my hair and in some ways I do believe it tells people what I’m like. But everyone has to look deeper than someone’s hair to see who they truly are. It’s like books…never judge a book by it’s cover. Our hair is our cover, sometimes it even hides someone’s most outrageous and fun personality.

The hidden meanings of my hair: The length of my hair shows patience, ambition and generosity. Everybody knows it takes time to grow your hair, that shows patience, ambition comes from the fact that I’m not going to stop growing my hair until it’s reached my dream length, and generosity because once my hair reaches my dream length, I want to cut it off and donate to a charity who makes wigs for people with cancer. But I also believe the length of my hair sometimes shows how shy I can be around people, I like to hide behind my hair.

My hair is naturally wavy but I do not think I’m that laid back. I like to have a plan and be organised. I like to know ahead of time what I’m going to be doing. However I’m also sometimes last-minute (especially in the summer and when making plans with my boyfriend). Does that show the difference of when my hair is wavy and when I’ve straighten it?

My natural colour of hair is extremely dark brown and I’ve never dyed it which shows that I’m in love with one great thing which is coloured brown. CHOCOLATE…in all forms! (Does my hair maybe show I’m a tad funny?)


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment below telling me what you think your hair says about you. I would love to know.


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