Drugstore Beauty Haul

drugstore beauty haul

Although I only brought five items, it somehow came to £33.00. When did makeup some so expensive…boys have it lucky.



I only went into the shop to purchase a more gentle cleanser and a new foundation because my current one is running low and I like to have a back up for when my foundation does actually run out, but somehow I came out with three extra products, which has now left a burning hole in my purse.

The first item I picked up with the L’Oreal True Match Foundation because everyone raves about it, including my sister who has recently brought three more bottle as back up and later use. I brought the shade W3 (Golden Beige) and I’ve used it once…to try it out, and it matches my skin tone perfectly. It has amazing coverage and the price tag isn’t too bad at £9.99 a bottle.

The second item was of course the other product I needed, which was a more gentle cleanser. I saw a Nivea Foaming Cleanser , and I wanted that but my friend spotted the Superdrug own version , Simply Pure Foaming Cleanser (£2.59 a bottle) and to be honest, I’m glad I picked a cheaper option because otherwise I would be hitting the forty pound mark, and that’s a bit too extreme…for me anyway.


Now all the other purchases were impulse buys. I was with my friends and therefore seemed to gravitate towards a lot more things I wanted than usual, hence the big spend…ah well. The first impulse buy was the “Run Boy Run” palette from Makeup Revolution. I’ve tested this palette out already and I love it, so happy I brought it. It was £6.00 for 18 eye shadows, 12 being shimmery and 6 being matte. There’s a range of colours, from the more neutral tones, to the deeper colours, I would use to make a more smoky eye look.  The colours are all very pigmented, especially for the price I paid, overall very happy and may have to buy another palette from Makeup Revolution.


I love watching YouTube videos and I love watching one person in particular and that’s Tanya Burr so I thought I should pick up one of her lip-glosses to show my support. Although I made a bad colour choice (the colour doesn’t suit me at all), I love the formula of the lip-glosses and they smell great too, so I’m thinking I may have to repurchase a different colour. At £7.99 a tube, it was definitely a bad choice going for such a light pink shade but never mind. The shade I did buy was Peachy Cheeky if any of you were wondering.

My friend recommend this last buy, the Dr Recue Baby Lips, she said that they work great to get rid of chapped lips, so immediately I was keen to get one, because in the winter my lips get extremely dry. Although it’s a good product and if I had found this product before the Nivea Lip Butters, I would be raving about it, however I love my Lip Butters more, those babies are hard to beat when it comes to moisturising my lips .


That’s it for my expensive yet little haul. I hope you enjoyed it and found some new products that you would like to try. If you want a more in-depth review about any of these products, make sure to let me know by liking or commenting on this post. Thanks for reading and see you next time.


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