A Multiple of Mini Reviews:

makeup reviews

I wanted to write some reviews of makeup products I received for Christmas, however I didn’t have enough to write about one product to make a whole post, so I’ve decided to do multiple mini reviews in one…enjoy. ____________________________________________________________________________

#1) Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara:  Expensive but so worth the money. I had been eyeing up this product for many months before I decided not to  break the bank and splurgedownload on it. Luckily for me, it some how got into my Christmas stocking…thanks mum.  I’ve been using this product everyday I since Christmas day and it hasn’t disappointed yet. I really like the brush and that’s rare for me because I tend to gravitate towards the “bushier” brushes, but this one is great. The end of the brush is especially great because it allows you to get the lashes right in the corner of your eye. No lashes get missed with this mascara. The name say’s it all…they’re real. If I apply 2 coats of this mascara it really does look like I may be wearing falsies. I highly recommend this product to any looking to try out a new mascara and I say buy it if you have been eyeing it up, it’s expensive but so worth the money.

#2) Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner: I think you may see an underlying pattern in this post…another Benefit product, another one lying in my Christmas stocking.Benefit-Theyre-Real-Push-Up-Liner_lash-hugging-gel-liner-pen This product I still have mixed feeling on and like the mascara have been wearing it nearly everyday since Christmas. I really like the concept of it…gel liner in pen form but I do find that sometimes it doesn’t produce much product at times, and if I twist the end too much sometimes you get too much product which you don’t want. Having said that…boy does it help me get a straight line, I have never been so good at applying liner in my life and it’s thanks to this product. With such a pointy nib you are able to get really close to the lash line which is great and the colour is the blackest of all blacks. It also has long staying power and you can trust me on that because Benefit have even brought out a “they’re real remover”. Although it has the staying power, I don’t feel you need their remover to take it off. I’ll keep going with this product and see if it turns into a “love” like the mascara.

#3) Benefit’s Pore-fessional: Not another Benefit product? Let’s just say I’ve been dying to try out some of their products but they are too darn expensive to purchase myself, benefit-porefessionalso I let Christmas roll around. I absolutely love this product, it keeps my makeup on all day and applies my foundation so smoothly, my skin is flawless after use. The product itself is very silky (which makes my skin silky soft also) and I think that is due to the silicone base but don’t quote me on that…just a wondering. It definitely helps keep my foundation stay on all day, however my foundation at the moment is only a light weight one, so I’m excited to try the primer with a full coverage foundation and seeing whether how much coverage a foundation gives effects the primer quality…oh! I feel like a scientist coming up with a hypothesis. 

#4) Real Techniques Complexion Sponge: Phew! It’s not a Benefit product, that’s a relief. My sister kindly brought this for me because she’s been using the sponge for a whRTE-01426-11ile now and has fallen in love with it…she might have said that is was a dupe for the Beauty Blender but with my terrible memory I can’t exactly remember. Anyhow I’m in love with sponge and I would definitely buy it over the Beauty Blender because instead of paying out £17, I only spend £6…bargain. My sister also mentioned the downside (this one I actually remember), she said that it doesn’t clean very well, but for the price she doesn’t mind going out and buying a new one every 4 months or so. I haven’t put that to the test yet because I have yet to wash mine for the first time, but I will be sure to tell you the results. I really like how this sponge has a completely flat side, it allows your foundation to be blended flawlessly (side note: I think the sponge and the pore-fessional go hand in hand) and as well as a flat side, it also has a point, allowing you to get right into the corners of your eyes when applying your concealer. Overall, this is a great product and once again I highly recommend you try this out before the Beauty Blender, or if you have the Beauty Blender, pick this one up as well and see what difference you can see for the price difference…I may actually do that. ______________________________________________________________________________

Thanks again for reading yet another one of my posts, hoped you enjoyed this one as well, be sure to like if you did. Helps me know what posts you enjoy reading so I know what posts to keep publishing.


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8 Responses to A Multiple of Mini Reviews:

  1. I am so so scared to try the they’re real push-up liner! I want too because I have heard great things but I have also heard it’s terribly hard to get off!!

  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    I love all of these products! Though I haven’t used my push up liner in a while. I am thinking I need to take it out again. 🙂 xo

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